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The Best Email Marketing Services For Businesses

Email marketing is an amazing way to expand your business and reach a wider audience. Also, with an eye catchy email copy you can gain more leads and witness a positive impact on your revenue. But selecting the right email marketing service is tricky. You may get confused among so many choices. No worry. In this article, we will discuss just that. And we hope you can pick the right one with this useful information. So without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Constant Contact

One of the fastest growing and largest email marketing service in the world is Constant Contact. It has a simple user interface so you can start with this email marketing service as a beginner in the field.

Here you can very easily manage and handle the email lists, marketing calendar, email templates, contacts, and more. Each of the accounts gives you an access to track and report easily, the inbuilt social media sharing tools further allow to spread your copy all across the social media channels. It also has a free image library to store your product or business images. With the list segmentation, you can organize your business in the most productive way. Further, with the Facebook ads integration option, you can make the most out of it.

Wait. That’s not the end. This email marketing service has an email plus account that has even more powerful features like email automation, coupons, surveys and polls, online donations and subject line A/B testing. With these powerful weapons you can check how well the audience is responding to your business, which campaigns are serving the best and the how can you maximize the open rate with a catchy and creative email copy.

This email marketing service delivers an unparallel support with email community support, phone calls, live chat, and also a huge library full of helpful resources. Aside from the online training, the service provider also offers some person to person live seminars across the entire US. This readily prepares any small business owner to quickly learn the email marketing basics and start utilizing it like a pro and grow their business.

It comes with a 60 days free trial and you don’t need to register your credit card to avail the free trial service. After that, their pricing range starts with a low amount of $20/month.

No wonder Constant Contact is rated as the best email marketing service for businesses.


SendinBlue is a wholesome email and SMS marketing software for the business owners. They are rapidly evolving to occupy the position of the leading email marketing platform in Europe.

The email marketing service interface is extremely easy to use and with its brilliant tools, you can easily create highly engaging and beautiful emails. All the tools are simply drag and drop ones so you need not worry about less experience in email marketing. Even the beginners can easily use it.

SendinBlue also has some beginner centric automation tools which allow one to send the transactional mails, segment audience base, and also create a regular workflow. You can also select your preferable time to send emails in a bulk in their inbuilt AI set algorithms to ensure that maximum number of emails is delivered.

It has a totally free of cost email marketing service plan where you can send up to 300 emails every day. But here all the emails will have their branding logo and watermark. If you want to avoid that, you may opt for the paid plans. These start from as less as $25 per month and you may also seek to include to the account for a higher pricing. That way you can send your ads not only through emails but also through SMS and directly reach the audience’s message inbox.

Recently SendinBlue has improved their premium mode of service plan and included various advanced features like Facebook ads integration, live chat, CRM, landing page builder. So you can get a wholesome service from this tool other than email marketing service. You can integrate an AI based live chat section to your website to easily communicate with your audience all round the day and also resolve generic confusions. This also helps in enhancing your business productivity. Because you don’t have to put your human resources to answer each and every audience query and you can focus on improving various aspects of your business while chatbot works on its own.

SendinBlue also offers a distinct bulk email marketing service where you can power the transactional emails or automated emails right from your WordPress site. If you have a large website with a lot of web pages, this can come in handy as you can generate automatic content based emails and modify the content here and there.